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Innovative IT Solutions | Linux Specialist | Security Enthousiast

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Explore my range of specialized services designed to enhance your IT infrastructure, security, and automation processes. Let’s work together to achieve your technological goals.


Leveraging over a decade of experience with diverse Linux distributions like Arch and RHEL, I deliver tailored Linux solutions that ensure superior flexibility, robust security, and complete transparency for your operations.


By harnessing Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), I gather critical insights from public sources to enhance your privacy and broaden your knowledge base, empowering you to make informed and secure decisions.


Specializing in task automation, I streamline your workflows, enabling effortless environment replication and maintenance, which results in substantial time savings and efficiency for all your project needs.


Passionate about design, I modernize IT infrastructures and create visually stunning experiences. My design solutions not only enhance aesthetics but also improve usability and functionality, ensuring an engaging user experience.

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I excel in managing complex computer infrastructures with GitOps, solving intricate puzzles to meet client needs. Linux is my preferred platform for delivering robust and effective solutions.

Linux Infrastructure Project

Open Source


Transparency is essential for quality code. Open source allows me to contribute to a global community, generating innovative ideas and tools that benefit all.

Open Source Project


3D Printing

Passionate about prototyping, I design innovative creations. Since 2023, my versatile machine enables 3D printing, CNC machining, and laser engraving.

3D Printing Project



Certified as a PSM1 professional, I thrive in agile scrum teams and Nexus scrums, driving effective project management.

Agile Scrum Project



GitOps empowers developers to handle IT operations through declarative specifications, enabling continuous deployment and system observability.

GitOps Project

My Custom GPTs

Web Wizard

Your go-to AI assistant for web development, specializing in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Offering expert guidance, code examples, and best practices, Web Wizard GPT is dedicated to helping developers create efficient, stylish, and accessible websites. Whether you're troubleshooting code, seeking design tips, or optimizing performance, Web Wizard is here to make web development more accessible and enjoyable.

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Kubernetes Assistant

The Kubernetes Assistant specializes in Linux, cybersecurity, and Kubernetes management. With expertise in networking, storage, and CI/CD integration, this assistant excels in securing Kubernetes clusters according to industry best practices. Focused on DevOps and GitOps principles, it provides precise solutions for deploying, managing, and securing Kubernetes environments.

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Linux Specialist GPT

Linux Specialist GPT is your AI-powered resource for all things Linux. From system administration and troubleshooting to scripting and security, this assistant offers in-depth knowledge and practical advice on using and managing Linux systems. Ideal for both beginners and experienced users, Linux Expert GPT helps navigate the complexities of Linux with ease, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience with this powerful operating system.

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API Security Pentester

API Security Pentester GPT specializes in API security testing, equipped with extensive knowledge in identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities in APIs. My expertise encompasses the OWASP Top 10 for APIs, and I employ a range of security testing methodologies including static analysis, dynamic analysis, and penetration testing to ensure robust API security.

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Interesting Websites

Learning Resources

Calculus Explained with Pics and Gifs

Comprehensive explanations of calculus concepts with visuals.


Learn C

Free interactive C tutorial for mastering the C programming language.


Automate the Boring Stuff

Practical Python programming for total beginners. Learn to automate tasks.


Deepfake Bot Submissions

Research on deepfake bot submissions to federal public comment websites.



Exploits Database

Resources by Offensive Security for various exploits and vulnerabilities.



A tool for gathering e-mails, subdomains, and names from public sources.


Project Zero

Research on uncovering 0-day vulnerabilities.


Linux and Tools

Big Pile of Vim-like

A large collection of resources and tools for Vim users.


Bash One-Liners

A collection of useful Bash one-liners for daily tasks.


ArchWiki - Parted

Guide on using the parted command in Arch Linux.


Linux Kernel Teaching

Documentation and teaching material for the Linux kernel.


Programming and Development

Open MCT

Open source mission control software by NASA.


Build Your Own Text Editor

SnapToken's guide on creating a text editor in C.


Practical Cryptography for Developers

A comprehensive guide to understanding cryptography for software development.


Science and Data

Dataset Search by Google

Search engine for discovering datasets on the web.


Academic Torrents

Repository for sharing and downloading academic datasets.


Zoom Earth

Live satellite images and weather conditions worldwide.


Kelly Criterion

Wikipedia page about the Kelly criterion financial strategy.

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Certified Linux Engineer

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I'm Remco Bijlsma, a certified Linux Engineer and computer enthusiast. I thrive on discovering new technologies and continuous learning through regular trainings. My expertise spans several domains including Linux, security, and automation. I am proficient in languages such as YAML, Bash, Python, and more.

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